Foreword. SEMNI newsletter

Dear members of the SEMNI community,

it is a pleasure for me to offer you the first issue of the SEMI newsletter. With biannual periodicity, we intend this newsletter to be a means to bring the activities of our society to the members and sympathizers, both Spanish and international. The newsletter will be written in English, given the large number of sympathisers we have in the IACM community, and the growing number of researchers in training who, with foreign origin, are doing their doctoral thesis in the field of computational mechanics and engineering in our country.

In this first issue, the newsletter includes a summary of the congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering, held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in September 2022. The conference was a success and I would like to thank David Greiner and the whole group from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for their organisational work.

On the other hand, the newsletter includes a summary of the activities carried out by the SEMNI Young Researchers section. Our young people form a very dynamic community and I would like to thank them for all the work done to bring SEMNI closer to our younger members.

Finally, the newsletter includes a contribution from Dr. Iulen Cabeza, the last SEMNI prize winner for the best thesis of 2022. Dr Cabeza’s work deals with the modernisation of the behaviour of the human cornea. I am sure you will enjoy the application of computational mechanics to such a fascinating field.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter. We are open to publish collaborations from our members that serve to bring the activity of our community closer to the rest of our members and supporters. Do not hesitate to send us your contributions.

Best regards and best wishes for a well-deserved rest during the summer holidays, which are just around the corner.

Elías Cueto, president.