News from SEMNI’s young investigator section

The young investigator section of SEMNI opens a new chapter in its history. After the CMN 2022 Congress held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a group of young people started working on its reorganisation in order to offer a more active space oriented to the needs of new researchers. In this post we want to share the first advances in this change.

The aim of this renovation is to make a young section with a variety of activities that resonate with the diverse interests of young people in the field of computational mechanics. Our aim in this new phase is to broaden our range of options to provide opportunities that motivate and inspire every member.

In these first steps we have prioritised the definition of our mission and objectives, as well as the updating of our foundations. In addition, it has been given a new name in order to have its own identity: SEMNI_j.

This update has materialised in a renewal of the space of this section on the SEMNI website, where we invite you to browse to learn a little more about the brief history of SEMNI_j, the current management team that is carrying out these first changes, and the regulations.

We want these changes to inspire the new additions, and that little by little we will be building together a strong and inspiring youth section. Therefore, we will soon call for elections to formalise the first official executive of the youth section in a democratic and fair way. Young researchers, promise of the future of this organisation, we are waiting for you!