SEMNI Young researchers’ section

SEMNI Young Researchers Section

Sometime before the successful CMN2022 congress held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the current president, prof. Elías Cueto, requested that we form a small group of young people belonging to SEMNI to support the realization of recreational-scientific activities in said congress. From that call we created a group made up of Alba Muixí, Rafel Perelló, Beatriz Moya, José Manuel Navarro and Enrique Nadal.

In the CMN2022 congress, different activities were organized such as:

• Scientific course: «Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and its application to Computational Fluid Dynamics». Speaker: Ricardo Vinuesa.

• Round table: “European and National Funding: Projects and Human Resources (with success Cases)”. Where the financing possibilities and two European financing success stories were described: Marcos Latorre and Irene Arias.

• Career Forum. Where some mentors told their personal experience to the young SEMNI researchers

• Science Chat where José Manuel and Beatriz talked with Jacobo Ayensa about artificial intelligence. Finally, the audience was challenged to solve a scientific quiz.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the collaborators who contributed to the success of these activities!! THANK YOU!!

Weare proud to say that this first challenge was faced successfully, and as a result we have been «forced» to formalize the young researchers section of SEMNI, yes, with enthusiasm. We are currently immersed in the process of drawing up a series of rules and statutes to make it official into SEMNI and to establish an election process for the young researchers section among SEMNI members. There is still work to do!!

The objectives that we have in mind are focused on attracting and retaining new and young researchers to SEMNI through recreational-scientific activities, providing useful information for young people, creating groups and networks among the youngest and, why not, organizing conferences and/or scientific congresses focused on the youngest (or those who feel young) at SEMNI, in addition to establishing ties with other sections of young European researchers.

We are aware that there is a long way to go, but we are going to face it with great desire and enthusiasm!

All the best,

Section of young researchers of SEMNI